The GRODITZER STAHLWERKE GmbH having originally been founded in, and reconstructed as a capital holding in 1779, the today's Schmiedewerke Groditz GmbH, may look back, in retrospekt, on more than 200 years of industrial history.

As early as in 1825 the foundation stone for the first blast furnace had been laid. Two years later this company became one of the leading producers of gas & water pipes. Along with the growth of the industrialisation the mill grew accordingly; in 1915 the construction of an open-hearth steel plant had been started, to melt steels of higher quality for the railways, for the construction of bogies, railway axles and wheel tyres.
After World War I, this steel mill had in operation one open hearth steel plant, several foundry shops, one tyre rolling mill and a hammer forge for piece weights upto maximum 20 tons.

After the destructive turmoil left by World War II, and the dismantling of the plant in wake of "Reparations" gave way to calmer times, the plant had been rebuild in 1954, and one 60 Mn-forging press had been added. Two years earlier the first electronic furnace had been started up. In the following years the plant expanded continuously, in the old tyre rolling mill had been replaced by a modern one.

In 1990, the mill had been reorganized again, and a new name was given to the company: GRODITZER STAHLWERKE GmbH. In August 1996, another factory, the WALZWERKE BURG has been added to the company.

In February 1997, GRODITZER STAHLWERKE have joined, as an affiliate, the GEORGSMARIEN WERKE group, which operates a number of different forges under one roof.

The company has been given a new name, Schmiedewerke Groditz GmbH.